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Kindergarten Taranaki

Leaders from within Kindergarten Taranaki have begun a two year journey to strengthen their present and future capability. As part of a programme funded by the TSB Community Trust, twelve new Head Teachers and aspiring leaders in early learning attended the first workshops where they are beginning to expand their vision, ethics, and courage as leaders. From within the twenty four kindergartens across the province, teachers are embarking on an exciting journey.


“This fantastic in-depth programme is providing the opportunity to develop teachers who are progressing into leadership roles, and this is very important as long serving Head Teachers move on. We value the experience and commitment so many existing staff have provided over generations, and it is also timely to encourage and support new leaders to set up into a challenging role of Head Teacher.” Cherie Boyd

Participant testimonial:

“The two days of workshop for the leadership programme was amazing, I feel that it is going to develop each of us as great leaders within our kindergartens but also personally.  The programme is very much based around us as individuals and therefore tailored to fit what we need it to.”  Rose

Cherie Boyd - Chief Executive - Taranaki, New Zealand



Our work with Julie Rowlands, from Staples Rodway aimed to create a strategic vision for our company. We were united in our belief that our strategic plan was going to be robust, courageous and a working document. We were thrilled when Julie recognised the dynamics of  our team and  delivered two days of gutsy, intriguing learning. The result was not only a strategic plan that was wholly reflective 'who' we are as a team, but also a document we were very proud of.  


What we appreciated most about working with Julie  was her ability to cut through the barriers, challenge our thinking,  keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some.

Paula Ellis - Timaru, New Zealand

Westmere Primary School Auckland


Over this last 18 months, the vision, strategic plan statement we worked on has provided us with such a fabulous scaffold to take the school from strength to strength. You were so generous giving me that time and I have never really told you what a difference it made. We continue to refine and strengthen the strategic direction of the school and your coaching set me up so well for leading the process – big, big thanks. Arohanui.

Westmere Primary School - Carolyn Marino - Principal - Auckland, New Zealand

International Volunteer HQ


We managed HR and recruitment internally for the first 6 years of our business, but as we grew and added more staff, we realised we needed assistance and higher level advice. We approached Staples Rodway and they assigned as Mel Whiting who was awesome from day one. She took time to understand the business and our culture, which was critical in hiring the right people and dealing with difficult situations. She established a great HR framework for the business with job descriptions and associated competencies which was in turn used as part of our performance review process. She was also instrumental in the hiring of a number of top candidates. Her approach to her work is very professional and she feels like another part of the company. We couldn't recommend her enough!

IVHQ - Dan Radcliffe - Executive Director - New Plymouth, New Zealand

Cavalier Carpets


I have had the pleasure of working with Julie Rowlands over the last 7 years on many occasions, covering numerous aspects of our human resources needs.


Julie played an integral part in guiding my team and I through significant culture change process involving a very diverse staff of 140+ people. Julie's guidance through this process beginning from identifying emerging talent and restructuring to get the right people in the right roles, through to leadership development to ensure the new structure was successful in leading the required culture change was invaluable. This has been a major change in our business at a local level and Julie's professionalism, expertise, guidance and advice made the journey much smoother that it may have been otherwise. 


Julie has also been involved with leadership development of our management team over the past 7 years and has contributed significantly to building the leadership capability of our middle management team.


My own personal development as a leader has benefited greatly from working closely with Julie and I look forward to a continued association for many years to come.

Cavalier Carpets - John Williams - Napier, New Zealand



The team at Staples Rodway provide us with the HR support our leaders need today. They provide a wide range of skills and advice based on broad experience that a business like ours needs but cannot afford to provide in-house.

Liquigas - Albert de Geest - Chief Executive Officer - New Plymouth, New Zealand

Kindergarten Taranaki


I am writing to commend you and the team you work with, for the incredibly high level of expertise and assistance you have provided me.


Since March 2015, when I approached Staples Rodway HR team for assistance with a large change programme of work, you have consistently provided me with clear, confident and very effective advice. You have listened attentively to the range of HR pressures and demands I have been addressing, and you have quickly understood what requires your HR expertise, and what is simply my own need to clarify the situation.


You have been incredibly responsive to the occasional unrealistic timeframe I have presented you with, and when you have not been available you have told me so and provided me with other alternatives. You have delegated pieces of work to other team members so as not to create potential conflicts or vulnerabilities to the process.


I appreciate your insightfulness in assisting me to be objective about what employee expectations are realistic and what are not. But most valuable of all, because of your depth of knowledge and experience, has been the confidence you have provided me to feel protected in the potentially risky area of employment law.


We have established a fantastic professional partnership where I look to the Staples Rodway HR team to assist Kindergarten Taranaki to achieve growth and ongoing success.

Kindergarten Taranaki - Cherie Boyd - Chief Executive - New Zealand

Abraham's Funeral Home


I have had the privilege of working with Julie and her team for a number of years on varying projects. I have always been impressed by Julie's passion for people and her unique insight into personalities, problems and most importantly, solutions. Staples Rodway has worked with us to develop an extremely useful training course for our funeral directors that has fundamentally and permanently improved the functioning of our team. This has translated into superior service delivery to our client families and an overall better working environment. Julie and her team continue to be an important part of our service and skill development programs along with supporting us during recruitment and any other related challenges.


Having a team like Staples Rodway supporting our business - whether it be accounting, software or HR advice, has allowed our leadership team to concentrate on the bigger picture of providing a superior experience for our client families,  and comfort in the knowledge that experts are looking after the finer details.

W Abrahams - Mark Baker - Manager - New Plymouth, New Zealand

Dairy Fresh


Since working with the Staples Rodway HR team around our recruitment and contract requirements, our Management team have grown in confidence around key HR decisions, knowing we have the knowledge and support around us to always make the right decision. 

Dairy Fresh - Nick Walker - Managing Director - New Zealand

The New Plymouth Taxi Society Ltd


Over the past two years The New Plymouth Taxi Society Ltd have had the pleasure of using the Staples Rodway Taranaki Ltd recruitment services.


As a result, the Society has employed two excellent staff who have proven to be of great benefit. With minimal expense and fuss, all facets of the employment process were covered by the team including comprehensive contracts and referral calls and interviewing.


I would happily recommend the service to any interested parties.


New Plymouth Taxis - Richard Morse - New Plymouth, New Zealand

Tui Ora Ltd


The Staples Rodway Team helped us, through their processes, to gain a deep understanding of the issues within our organisation faster than we could have done on our own. This enabled us to have the courageous conversations. The response across our organisation has been extremely positive as our employees could see that we were committed to addressing the issues that needed to be addressed.

Tui Ora Ltd - Hayden Wano - Chief Executive Officer - New Plymouth, New Zealand