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How many times have you as the CEO or leader of your business observed another company's success and known instantly that it is a direct result of the company's culture?
Sound familiar? Then perhaps it is time to take an honest look at your business.

Organisational culture is the way we approach our work, the values, principles and beliefs held, and what is communicated to employees. It is the spoken/unspoken communication and messages that your employees receive about how to fit into the business. Evidence suggests it can affect the performance of your business by at least 20 - 30 per cent.

At Staples Rodway, we understand this and provide the essentials when defining what makes your business unique and how culture can be fostered. Our Organisation Development and Change Management specialists have significant experience working with business owners and managers like you. 

We've seen through our clients' success that a culture and values system that aligns with an employee's personal values will lead to high levels of employee engagement, leading to greater performance and results. 

We work with you to define your culture, ensuring that it aligns with your vision and business strategy, and is communicated appropriately to the people in your business. 

We will ask you those tough questions about your current culture and the culture you aim to achieve, and then use best practice solutions to set a supported process and strategy to ensure you get the results your business and employees deserve. 


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