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Power of the Global Network

November 30, 2016

Most of you will know that I’ve been a part of the HR Consulting team at Staples Rodway for the past 2 and a half years now and recently I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime! The opportunity to spend 12 weeks working out of the Baker Tilly International Global Office in London. To be exposed to one of the world’s leading networks of independently owned and managed accountancy and business advisory firms, where every day 28,000 people in 141 countries share expertise. It is quite mind blowing.

Over the next six months I’ll be working as the Learning and Development Co-ordinator for the member firms of Baker Tilly International. I’ll be working with the Learning and Development Manager to roll out Learning and Development initiatives across the networks including co-ordinating conferences in Portugal, Thailand and Croatia. I’ll also be involved in managing the secondments for others who are looking to expand their knowledge and undertake experiences they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

I could never have anticipated that a role within Staples Rodway would give me the exposure to such an incredible experience. It is an example of the great culture we have here within our organisation. Being given this opportunity is a sign to me that as an employee I am valued and worth investing in, which obviously creates great loyalty from me.

I look forward to the challenges the next six months will bring, for the opportunities, the people I will meet and the experiences I will have. I can’t wait to get immersed in London life and look forward to the learnings I will bring back with me.

So to all my HR clients, I will leave you in the capable hands of my HR colleagues, and see you again in 6 months’ time.

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