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Leadership That Gets Results

March 17, 2017

Following two of my recent leadership programmes in the education sector and the woolscouring business I got to thinking about the reality of life for leaders in organisations.

Although the attendees at the programmes give amazing feedback and are highly motivated to make great changes… the question always is… will they? What gets in the way of us all transferring great intent into action? So often it is actually the unrelenting busyness of the world within companies and organsiations today.

For leaders to change it is not enough to know what to do, to know how to do it and to know why, they have to care why. If they care why then they will drive the change. To assist in this process our leadership programmes are offered over a period of at least twelve months and are designed to build and sustain change while at the same time growing leaders who are inspired.

Our leadership programmes focus on
-   Vision and values
-   Leadership styles and the impact of these
-   Building emotional intelligence
-   Stimulating an accountability culture
-   Creating an environment that builds motivation and engagement

Feedback has included:

“I found the LDP to be “motivating, inspiring and reflective.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and will get amazing things out of it.”

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