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Improving the culture of a global organisation

July 2, 2018

For the last year I have been given a great opportunity to work within a New Zealand multinational with a revenue of over 19.23 billion NZD. Working with a company of this size to support in day to day HR activities, guidance to their culture change initiative and overall talent and capability build has been a hugely worthwhile experience and the results have been incredible.

Supporting change through individual coaching and leadership development work at all levels through this secondment meant that the company gained input of the many years of experience from our specialist HR and Organisation Development team. Implementing tried and tested tools and processes that we use effectively with all our clients was incredibly valuable to the client. Being fully submerged in the company enabled me to integrate a ‘best-fit’ approach that seamlessly tied in with what was already in place.

It’s great to see that a global business of this size can stay connected with all its employees and operate as one business, despite the many challenges that come with this. Here are some of the ways they do this:

  • Smart use of technology is a major enabler.
  • Regular communication touchpoints that build a real sense of belonging.
  • Being a values based organisation where values are talked about as part of their daily business activities.
  • As well as putting these values into practice by the giving of technology “badges” and staff being rewarded as part of the performance management system.
  • The focus on development in many different forums engages staff and builds the bench strength the business needs to compete on the world stage.
  • There is a visible passion for what the business does and the products they produce with a clear strategy for where they are going and how they will get there.
  • Last but by no means least, all of the above achieved with leaders who are real and visible.

The highlighted words for me form the essence of culture and I feel proud to be part of the support for the enhancement of their culture.

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