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The importance of culture in retaining staff

October 26, 2016

When returning to the workforce after having a family, what is one of the most important things that women and men consider? Is it the hours, is it the pay, is it the industry? For me, it was the culture

I first became part of the Staples Rodway team in 2012 as the internal HR person working part time. A year down the track – the role had grown and needed a full time person. I was juggling three children aged 3, 5 and 7 and also responsible for the farm administration for our family farm. Something had to give. Reluctantly, I finished work to focus on other key priorities.

Now three years down the track, as a consequence of growth in the HR Team, I am back, as a HR Business Consultant working three days a week. Why am I back? It’s the culture.  Here at Staples Rodway, I believe we have a great culture and the low turnover and positive results from our Employee Engagement Survey are both clear indicators of this. People leave for various reasons, but a lot return. I don’t think organisations realise the importance of creating a great organisational culture. In fact, Professor Mike West at the London School of Economics suggests that “an organisations culture is on average, eight times more influential to a company’s performance that strategy alone”. Employees that are happy within their organisation are far more motivated and productive. They are at work because they want to be, not necessarily because they have to be. Great cultures create loyalty, commitment and engagement.

Does your organisation have the culture you want it to have, a culture that people want to be a part of? Or do you even know what your culture currently is? If not, we can help you with this. Give one of our HR Consultants a call on (06) 757 3155, and we would be happy to come out to your organisation and have a chat with you.

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