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Holiday Pay - Don't let it slide

June 28, 2018

Bunnings has announced it will back pay staff $11 million as part of its efforts to comply with the Holidays Act.

The payment affects 12,235 staff members and comes as many other major organisations also make moves to correct the underpayment of staff over the years.

The critical point is that it shouldn’t be just major companies considering this, every company with employees should be. Currently we are working with a diverse range of clients who are actively working through the process. Some have paid compensation with many more to come.

The issues with the act are that there are two ways to calculate holiday pay – either based on ordinary weekly pay or an employee’s average weekly earnings over the past 12 months.

Recently, the Work Relations Minister, Iain Lees – Galloway, has announced a long-awaited review of the Holidays Act. He believes that New Zealand needs a law that provides that employees are receiving their correct entitlements.

If you are not sure then don’t hesitate to contact our Employment Relations Specialist, Kearin Pollard, who has significant payroll experience and has already supported many Taranaki businesses to get this right.

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