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The Full Monty of Human Resources and Organisation Development

March 12, 2015

Welcome to our website. We are very excited to be launching and are very energised about the shift that this means for us and our Human Resources business.

Just to give you a bit of history; over a decade ago the Staples Rodway Human Resources (HR) team was formed. This occurred as a result of many existing accountancy clients needing HR input into the people part of their business. At the time the focus was very much on IEA's, disciplinary issues, personal grievances and other HR compliance matters. 

I took over the leadership of the HR team in 2012 and could very quickly see that there was so much opportunity to grow and develop this business beyond what it had provided in the past. So today in 2015, the services we provide can cover the complete people function of any business. 

We have the expertise and skills in the team to assist you with organisation development, culture development, and leadership growth. We also have great strength in building teams, recruiting the right staff, establishing people processes that add value, and ensuring complete HR compliance throughout your business. We are currently working with businesses throughout New Zealand, and even though some of our larger clients are based outside Taranaki, we really value our regional clients.

As I have built the team, I have actively sought people who are both specialists in their field as well as people who truly are passionate about delivering for all clients. People have to matter to us. The result has been the development of a very united team; a team that trusts and supports each other in the delivery of best practice services, and a team that has a strong reputation for delivering great results. I believe we are a 'star' team, actively practicing everything we preach. The real value for you is that we can bring a total team fit to your business, ensuring that our diverse expertise is always accessible and that the partnership with you is seamless.

Our core principles and what makes us different is that we actively work to understand your business and provide a complete range of HR services, we are completely transparent about our fees, and we are focussed on taking the hard work away from you. Think about the hours you currently spend on HR matters. Our goal is to give more time back to you so you can focus on what you are good at; your core business. 

You may wonder why we would team up with accounting. Interestingly, working inside the accountancy business works well for us as there is real alignment between the financial and people function of any business. Often the business discussions are interwoven, focusing on people performance and financial performance.

Today many of our HR clients are not Staples Rodway accountancy clients. The HR business continues to grow in its own right. Our greatest development in the past 12 months has been in leadership coaching and recruitment. We have a dedicated recruiter who is utilising leading edge recruitment practices, particularly social media, to attract talent.

I believe that each member of the team is in this for the right reasons and we recognise the importance of stability for our clients; dealing with the same consultant just as they would with their accountant. At the end of 2014 I was made an Associate in the business, so I am fully committed to Staples Rodway and am focussed on building long term relationships with clients. 

Again, welcome to the website. We look forward to your feedback. 


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