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Dairy Farm to pay $8,550 for Employment Breaches

July 12, 2017

A dairy farm in the South Island was ordered to pay $8,550 by the Employment Relations Authority after a Labour Inspectorate found them breaching their employer obligations.

The farm must pay $1,550 in arrears to two employees and a $7,000 penalty for failing to keep holiday and leave records, provide correct pay on a public holiday, and not paying the minimum wage.   

This farm had previously been warned about meeting their obligations and when a follow up audit of the farm’s employment practices was conducted by the Labour Inspectorate, further failures to meet the minimum standards were uncovered.

In this case the employer had failed to keep holiday and leave records for the employees and as a result, could not demonstrate they had provided time and a half to their employees for working on public holidays, resulting in the employer paying far more in arrears and penalties.

The place of work does not matter, every employee in New Zealand must be provided with at least their minimum entitlements and the onus is solely on the employer to get it right. Employers caught in breach will face consequences, excuses will not be accepted.  

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