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Client case study: stock taking made easy

Some people would say that the phrase ‘stock take made easy’ is a bit of an oxymoron – there is no such thing as an easy stock take. But for Taranaki furniture, flooring and window treatments business RJ Eagar that is what it has become.

RJ Eagar have been using Accredo software for many years. Whilst it had stock take functionality the process of counting all the stock and getting it into the system from three different stores took a long time and finalizing the stock take could take months.

New office manager Karen MacDonald was keen to put in better systems and processes. She was discussing the topic with Staples Rodway Business Information Systems Manager Bryce Gordon who has supported them and the use of the Accredo software for many years. Within months RJ Eager had a new system in place that enabled the team to quickly count the stock and import the count directly into Accredo.

“The system is simple. Basically, it involves a generic scanner that prompts for the barcode and then the quantity. These are entered into the scanner. From there it is simply a process of downloading the file and importing into the accounting software. For a user counting the stock training was completed within minutes. A slightly longer process to import the file but all training completed within an hour,” explains Karen.

She’s also quick to point out that there were a few non-believers in the new process; “It will never work, it’s going to take so long to do and won’t save any time” were some of the comments she heard.

However, Karen believes what they have now “Is a professional look and approach to the whole issue of barcoding and labelling stock, counting and completing the stock take processes. Given furniture often comes without its own barcode our software can now generate this and print professional looking labels including our logo. We then have scanners that staff can easily use, walking around the stores scanning the products and entering the quantity they have counted. It’s just too easy”.

Using the new system in their most recent stock take, everything had been counted across the three stores, variations to what they thought were investigated, and updated stock quantities were all in the system within ten days. Previously this could have taken up to three months to complete. “The new system could not have been easier! Staff now are almost queuing up to be part of the process.” The complicated manual process of finding the product on a list and noting the quantity is now long gone.

If stock take isn’t easy for you, then get in touch with Bryce and his team who can talk you through how it all works. Whatever you’re counting, you can count on Staples Rodway to make it easier for you.

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