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Managing People on the Farm

June 8, 2018
There are huge amounts of research that show if you manage and lead people well, they will perform, which couldn’t be more accurate in the farming industry.
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Dairy Farm to pay $8,550 for Employment Breaches

July 12, 2017
Beware of breaching your employer obligations - stay up to date to avoid costly implications.

Season Changeover Down on the Farm

March 15, 2017
As we get closer to 1st June, farmers should be thinking about the impact on any employment relationship that exists, due to the pending sale and purchase of farms, or changing sharemilking jobs.

Employment Compliance in the Farming Sector

July 17, 2015
Farmers throughout New Zealand have been put on notice to ensure they are complying with minimum employment rights. Kearin Pollard explains what the Labour Inspectorate will be focusing on and what farmers need to be aware of.