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Judyne Howell

Improving the culture of a global organisation

July 2, 2018
For the last year I have been given a great opportunity to work within a New Zealand multinational with a revenue of over 19.23 billion NZD. It’s great to see that a global business of this size can stay connected with all its employees and operate as one business, despite the many challenges that come with this.
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The Power of Sustaining Change

February 16, 2017
Now more than any other time in history embracing change is vital to be successful whether you are President of the largest nation in the world or a business in Taranaki..
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Employment Compliance in the Farming Sector

July 17, 2015
Farmers throughout New Zealand have been put on notice to ensure they are complying with minimum employment rights. Kearin Pollard explains what the Labour Inspectorate will be focusing on and what farmers need to be aware of.