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Power of the Global Network

November 30, 2016
I could never have anticipated that a role within Staples Rodway would give me the exposure to such an incredible experience. It is an example of the great culture we have here within our organisation.
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The importance of culture in retaining staff

October 26, 2016
Why am I back? It’s the culture. Here at Staples Rodway, I believe we have a great culture and the low turnover and positive results from our Employee Engagement Survey are both clear indicators of this.
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Why reviewing your employment practices could save your business

July 21, 2016
Employment Compliance Specialist Kearin Pollard explains why reviewing your employment practices could save your business.

How to Ace Your Next Interview

May 13, 2016
Specialist Recruitment Consultant, Tracey Soffe, offers 4 effective tips to help you ace your next job interview.

Employee Awarded $15,000 Compensation After Being Made Redundant

February 24, 2016
Employment Compliance Specialist Kearin Pollard explains why employers need to be transparent with their justification for redundancy more than ever before.

Effective 90 Day Trial Period

September 2, 2015
The Employment Relations Authority is seeing more and more personal grievance claims where employers have been found responsible for an unjustified dismissal due to their poor application of the 90 Day Trial Provision as contained in s67A(2) of the Employment Relations Act.

Employment Compliance in the Farming Sector

July 17, 2015
Farmers throughout New Zealand have been put on notice to ensure they are complying with minimum employment rights. Kearin Pollard explains what the Labour Inspectorate will be focusing on and what farmers need to be aware of.

Improving Workplace Health & Safety Through Strong Leadership

June 2, 2015
New Zealand leads the world in many things but, unfortunately workplace health and safety (OH&S) is not one of them. In a bid to address the country's poor workplace safety history, legislation has been introduced by the government. Together with this, health and safety should be seen as an investment in good business practice, alongside improved productivity, reliability and an engaged workforce. The Health and Safety at WorkAct has come into force and has a number of key goals including: Protecting...

The Full Monty of Human Resources and Organisation Development

March 12, 2015
Welcome to our website. We are very excited to be launching and are very energised about the shift that this means for us and our Human Resources business. Just to give you a bit of history; over a decade ago the Staples Rodway Human Resources (HR) team was formed. This occurred as a result of many existing accountancy clients needing HR input into the people part of their business. At the time the focus was very much on IEA's, disciplinary issues,...
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