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10 life-hacking Apps of 2018 - To help you be the most efficient you

Despite a work/life balance getting harder to attain in our fast-paced world, it’s clearly still valued. Employment NZ states that for 69 per cent of professionals in New Zealand, a work/life balance, including flexible hours, is their top priority when seeking a new role. Technology is a great way to encourage a healthy balance, or to encourage efficiencies that otherwise may not be possible.

Smart phone applications have literally changed the world and whether we can admit it or not the majority of us depend on these apps every day to improve our lives. Whether it is to quickly access our internet banking, or to give our photos that perfect filter, apps are now seen as an essential tool in our busy lives. In fact, according to statista.com, as of March 2017, Android users were able to choose between 2.8 million apps, closely followed by Apple’s App Store with 2.2 million available apps. The list of apps could go on forever, so combining our IT and marketing expertise we’ve searched high and low to create a list of applications to help you be the most efficient you and make 2018 your best year yet.

1. Stocard

Declutter your wallet by getting rid of your annoying loyalty cards and instead storing them in a smart phone app called Stocard. You can scan your loyalty card to add it to your Stocard library and all you need to do is present your Stocard App at the cash register and collect all points and discounts straight away. Please note, some shops are yet to join stocard so be sure to check before putting the cards in the bin.

2. Headspace

Not having the right mix of business and pleasure can lead to exhaustion and stress so try this. Meditation can help you find that inner peace in a noisy online world. It helps you to disconnect, find the balance, be stressed less and even sleep better. Learn to meditate and live mindfully with the Headspace App. This App provides quick meditation sessions with hundreds of themed sessions on everything from stress to sleep and also SOS exercises to calm you down in case of sudden meltdowns. It’s important to have time to relax and reflect in our busy lives and Headspace even has bite-sized meditations for busy schedules.

3. Pocket

How many times have you come across something interesting that looks like a decent read or a good video, but you just don’t have the time right now to read it? Whatever the platform, Pocket makes it easy to save videos, articles, and whatever else you find online so that you can pursue them later when you have the time. Even better, you don’t need an Internet connection to view what you’ve saved.

4. AnyDo

Among the never ending list of apps, there are many that provide “to-do” lists and reminder alerts. But AnyDo is an “all-in-one” app, including lists that you can prioritise from low to high, a calendar to keep track of deadlines and appointments, the app also has voice recognition to allow you to add to your lists by simply speaking into your phone and provides the ability to share your lists with other people and assign tasks. Boost your productivity by implementing the cross-platform support to access all tasks, notes and file attachments from your iPad and laptop.

5. Alfred

Ever wished you could be a fly on the wall when your pet is at home alone? Alfred is a free app that turns old or spare smart phones into a security camera. Using your current phone as the viewer, flick between the front and rear view cameras to check your pets or children are safe at home, monitor your baby sleeping or check on an important parcel delivery.

6. CamCard

CamCard is a free app that allows you to quickly store people’s business cards. Simply open the app and take a photo of the business card. The App will scan in all the details including the email and physical street address. Everything is then stored in your phones contact details. The free version allows you to scan 10 cards in the first week and 2 per week there after.

7. Remote Mouse

Making a self-running presentation? Maybe you just want to watch videos in bed or fill the house with music? Remote Mouse allows you to control your computer freely anywhere and at any time. It’s a perfect combination of 3 most common remote control devices. With smarter multi-touch gestures, all you need is to click and slide.

8. BPMe

The novelty of being able to pay for your petrol right at the pump lasted all of two seconds, now you don’t even have to leave the seat of your car! BPMe allows you to pay for your petrol straight from your phone. This is great for people who may be in a rush, are mobility impaired or have young children in the car. You can also collect your smart fuel points and pre-order your coffee. How’s that for efficiency.

9. Scannable

Scannable is an easy to use app that takes away the problem of where to keep receipts. Just open the app, point the camera at your receipt and the app automatically takes a copy. No more bits of paper in your wallet or lying around the car. And your accountant will love you for it too.

10. Waze

Waze is the worlds largest community based traffic and navigation app. Not only will it help you find your way to your destination, it will also alert you to road works, heavy traffic areas and hazards. It can re route your journey so you aren’t delayed. Users can tag which petrol stations have cheaper fuel, places of interest and real time heads up on traffic conditions. You can send ETA’s to anyone in your contact list.

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