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The Psychopathology of Office Politics

September 18, 2017
Office politics play out in every business and it is human nature and basic sociology to have power dynamics within a group. But do we really want to go to work feeling like we have to slay dragons?
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Dairy Farm to pay $8,550 for Employment Breaches

July 12, 2017
Beware of breaching your employer obligations - stay up to date to avoid costly implications.

Staff Inductions

With any new hire, most organisations want a new employee to ‘hit the ground running’ and more often than not, due to work demands, the induction process (aka ‘on-boarding’) is ad hoc, under-rated and under-prepared. As a result, new employees can be poorly armed for success in their new role.
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Changes to Parental Leave

June 16, 2017
A positive change to parental leave has taken effect this month. Find out how this change will benefit your flexibility around parental leave payments and returning to work. 
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Bullying - not just an issue in the playground

May 26, 2017
How many of you chose to wear a pink shirt in your workplace on the 26th of May? The CEO of the Mental Health Foundation called on all employers to celebrate Pink Shirt Day and to wear a pink item in support of anti-bullying
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IEA's - Are yours up-to-date?

May 23, 2017
Recent employment legislation changes have prompted employers to review and modify employment agreements to ensure they are legally compliant

Leadership That Gets Results

March 17, 2017
For leaders to change it is not enough to know what to do, to know how to do it and to know why, they have to care why. If they care why then they will drive the change.
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Changes which will affect your Employment Agreements

March 16, 2017
New employment legislation came into effect on 1 April 2016 which specifically affect hours of work, restrictions on secondary employment and deductions from wages. Employers have until 1 April 2017 to ensure they are compliant.

Season Changeover Down on the Farm

March 15, 2017
As we get closer to 1st June, farmers should be thinking about the impact on any employment relationship that exists, due to the pending sale and purchase of farms, or changing sharemilking jobs.

Boards Have a Vital Role in Shaping Organisational Culture

March 9, 2017
Although board behaviours have less influence on culture than those of the CEO and management team, they do set the tone at the top which in turn has a significant impact on the culture within.
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