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Employment relationships can, at times,  feel like a legal minefield.

No matter how much goodwill is present between parties, it is something that can go terribly wrong if not managed appropriately.

The foundation of any employment relationship is created specifically through the employment agreement and HR policies that exist within your business. Getting either of these two wrong could result in a legal headache and/or a hefty fine. We have the know-how to ensure this doesn't happen to you, but can also assist you through a difficult situation. 


 As an employer, the employee and business relationship landscape can be littered with issues relating to developing employment agreements, restructuring, disciplinary processes and termination, negotiations over conditions, meeting leave entitlements and navigating through employment relationship problems. The list is endless and without the appropriate support and specialist advice, every undertaking is an opportunity for contention.

We can put your mind at ease and provide the necessary advice based on up-to-date knowledge of all employment legislation. Our expertise extends to dispute resolution, mediation, exit packages, relationship documentation and restructuring processes. We will work alongside you every step of the way to ensure that you legally meet your obligations and that the impact on organisational culture and morale within the business is minimised.

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